Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Europe tour

“My experience in Amsterdam is that cyclists ride where the hell they like and aim in a state of rage at all pedestrians while ringing their bell loudly, the concept of avoiding people being foreign to them. My dream holiday would be a) a ticket to Amsterdam b) immunity from prosecution and c) a baseball bat.” ― Bud Thomson
When one gets to hear the word Europe, the next word or expression that comes from the person’s mouth is ‘wow’. Europe has always been peoples’ favorite, not because it is viral, but because every corner of this continent can be appreciated for its cleanliness and beauty. Every nook of Europe is considered to be an exceptional one as all its locations are simply ideal for a trip to be spent at.  No matter what it is, a wedding ceremony or a blissful honeymoon trip, all the countries in Europe are simply awesome to be visited.
Europe has always been considered as the most eye-catching continent in the whole world. The reasons why it is called so is because it grabs every tourist’s attention and its great history, rich culture and the super architectures can never be ignored. Europe is the ideal place for all those people who are fond of travelling and experiencing the exquisiteness of beautiful places. As a matter of fact, this beautiful continent witnesses a huge number of tourists from across the world every year.
Spain, Ibiza, Greece, France and Italy are among the main tourists attractions of Europe. These countries show evidence of modern, medieval and prehistoric cultures that are appreciated in the whole world. However, something that should always be kept in mind is that while you are heading for a tour to a continent like Europe, then the first thing you should always look for is a travel partner that will enable you to grab the best tour packages which will ultimately help you saving  a lot of penny. In fact, if you go by the tour packages then during your Europe tour you will also get to book the hotels in the easiest possible manner as most of times, the hotel deals come with the packages.
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Starting Your Own Catering Company

If you know a thing or two about cooking and are looking for a change in vocation, then it may well be that starting a catering company makes perfect sense for you.
Many people worry about the pressures that can come with catering, well aware of the stress that chefs can be put under and in turn not wishing to have something they love turn into something that causes them a great deal of grief. However, caterers do not have to be cooking three course meals for hundreds of people or running an entire kitchen on their own, and in fact it will make far more sense to start small, not only to ease you into the process and ensure such a role is one you will enjoy, but also to ensure that being a caterer will be financially viable.
Further down the line it may then seem appealing to develop your business and grow, but early on it will make far more sense to cater for smaller parties or set yourself up in a smaller venue.
The good news is that it will be relatively easy to start a catering company. Not only might you be able to do a lot of the hard work from home (depending on the type of catering you are doing and indeed the policies of any venue that you will be catering at), but it will also be relatively cost-effective and easy to hire in any specialist catering equipment you need to ensure that you do not have to splash out huge amounts of money early on. Instead, you will be able to start your business for very little, and in turn will not risk losing a fortune or being forced to stick with the career if things do not go strictly to plan.
There will also be a wide range of different catering food suppliers online too. Not only will finding the right supplier help you to get the best possible food at the best possible price, but they will also offer many resources to help you develop your business and will even have the likes of tableware available to ensure you can get all the supplies you need in one place, something that will save you both time and money. In fact, when starting a catering company, the right food suppliers may well be your best friends.
Marketing should also be straightforward, no matter what your budget, and so long as you take the time to fully understand social networking and online marketing, you will be able to get those initial bookings that will themselves lead to referrals and more work further down the line. Don’t be shy to offer your services to friends and family for a low price as you will then have the very best direct marketing – people trying your food at an event, with strong advocates on hand to recommend you to those in attendance.
Researching vendors and even markets ahead of time will be vital. Not only will you need to know how to get the right catering supplies, but you will also need to know which areas of the market are already saturated and in turn which other areas might give you plenty of freedom to stand out and flourish.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sexual Health Contraception

When it comes to sexual health you cannot take any chances. There are 15 forms of contraception available that can help prevent STI’s or pregnancy. There are two types of contraceptive. There are ones that prevent pregnancy and those that prevent both pregnancy and STI’s. There is of course only one way to remain safe but with careful use of the contraceptive options you can remain safe.
One of the most common methods of contraception is the condom which can help to prevent both pregnancies and STI’s. In fact the condom both male and female versions are the only forms or contraception that covers you for pregnancy and STI’s. When it comes to sexual health you can use combinations but it is advisable that one of the methods is the condom. It is thought that the condom has a 95% to 98% success rate making it very popular and is sold at a price that is affordable. Because it is 95% to 98% successful a second form of contraception is advisable with the pill being the most common.
Simply put sexual health is a serious business and staying STI free with no unplanned pregnancies cannot be unstated. Take it seriously and use the contraceptives available and you will remain as safe as you can. It is the only choice.

Many of us don’t take our health seriously and that is particularly the case with sexual health. In recent years there has been a massive increase in STI’s reported by STI clinics. GUM clinics as they are otherwise known are used for testing for all the STI’s known as well as counselling if and when it is needed. Over recent years it is becoming clear that sexual health is not top of people priorities.
STI clinics will give you all the information you need for your sexual health. You should to be totally sure get tested whenever you start a new relationship to ensure that you are both healthy. If more people did this as well as take the right precautions then there wouldn’t be the same problem there is today. Even a major television campaign has failed to help. Binge drinking hasn’t helped STI rates either.
It seems that people do not take sexual health seriously. A combination of a lack of knowledge, lack or responsibility and binge drinking has resulted in a huge increase in STI’s making the GUM clinics busier than ever before. Something serious needs to be done to begin to combat this problem. While many may find it embarrassing education always starts at home especially when it comes to sexual health.

When it comes to sexual health it seems the message is getting lost amongst the young. The under 25’s are by far the most likely to get an STI and even more worryingly they are more likely to re-infected within a year. It seems the message is not getting through and the young are putting their sexual health at risk with lack of knowledge.
Facts about sexual health and STI’s are worrying with over a million people a day globally picking up an STI. While the most serious cases are HIV the most common is Chlamydia which can actually result in infertility. With many cases showing no symptoms many do not even know they have got it. In Britain STI’s have risen every year for a decade with the worst results being among the under 25’s. Genito-urinary medicine clinics are seeing a huge increase with almost every STI on the increase.
The problem seems to be that the message and the facts about STI’s are not getting through to the young who need this information to make decisions about their sexual health. Without it they do not realise that the actions they are taking are risky and can have devastating results. The problem of rising STI’s will continue until the facts get through.

The sexual health of the nation is becoming a large problem with the UK now leading Europe in infections of sexually transmitted illnesses or STI’s. With almost each type of infection we are seeing an increase year after year and even more worryingly some of the young are getting re-infected with the same disease just months after being treated for it before.
The question has to be asked why so many people are putting their sexual health at risk time and time again. Linked to this is also the huge increase in unplanned pregnancies which as you can imagine is increasing in a similar way. One reason suggestion is that teens of today are put under pressure in a world that seems to always be about sex. While in my day there was teen pressure it seems today if you are not sexually active then you are in the minority.
The problem is that the young are not yet fully developed and are not grown up enough to make the correct decisions about their sexual health. There is a question over whether sexual health studies at school are detailed enough and if they are targeted at kids young enough. There is also a question about what teens think of themselves. Many do not have a strong identity and with decreasing standards of role models a clear message is getting lost. When your role model has 3 kids with 3 different fathers what does that say?
It seems that despite years of STI increases the problem is far from being solved. Kids today put their sexual health at risk on a daily basis and until we can work out why the problem will continue to get worse.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Consejos sobre cómo hacer un resumen

Actualmente es posible notar que muchos alumnos y estudiantes de secundaria y aún de la educación superior tienen dificultades para realizar resúmenes de asignaturas cursadas, es decir, capaces de sintetizar ideas. La gran 'x' de la cuestión es que a menudo la escuela explica cómo realizar el proceso paso a paso, de esta manera, el resumen se solicita solamente, lo que deja a muchos estudiantes locos y con pocos conocimientos en este aspecto, que es de gran importancia.

Sin embargo, creo que muchos estudiantes hacen un resumen simplemente copiando, realmente esto es un error porque resumir no es copiar el texto, reduciendo el tamaño del conocimiento sin perder calidad, es decir, que debe usar ciertos tramos, los más importantes para componer tu resumen y posteriormente hacer la idea principal que se pasa en función de tus palabras.

Sin embargo, en primer lugar es importante tener en cuenta que el resumen no es más que el contenido principal del texto original a través de los temas principales, sin juicios o comentarios, es decir, un resumen no es una crítica, es una síntesis de los aspectos más importantes de un texto leído. El propósito principal de un resumen es informar al lector acerca de lo que es más importante sobre el tema.

Según los sabios como Platón, el resumen es una estructura esencial de condensación incluso sin la pérdida de los elementos principales, que son: piezas de lo esencial, la progresión en el que aparecen en el texto y la correlación entre cada parte del texto. Si el texto que nos estamos resumiendo es la narrativa necesitamos que nuestra atención tenga elementos de secuencias de causa y tiempo. Para los textos descriptivos a dar atención a los aspectos visuales y espaciales, la argumentación para la organización y construcción de ideas. Sin embargo, hay tres reglas básicas para hacer un resumen, siendo la primera eliminación, seguida de generalización y la construcción. En la primera regla que necesitamos borrar las partes innecesarias y estas piezas como adverbios y adjetivos o frases equivalentes.

Como su nombre indica, la supresión es eliminar, en piezas cortadas que son innecesarias. Esas partes suelen ser adjetivos y adverbios o frases equivalentes a ellos. Veamos un ejemplo. Esta generalización es una técnica que pretende reducir los elementos de la oración del criterio, es decir, su significado.

La última regla, la construcción tiene como función cambiar la secuencia de hechos o por una sola, que puede ser asumida a través de ellos, también se basa en el significado. Mientras estás leyendo el texto que necesita resumir, buscas subrayar las palabras o frases que le dan más sentido a leer, que expresan las ideas principales del tema, entonces revuélvalos formando un texto de estos fragmentos. Después de eso, se aplican las tres primeras técnicas.

Como lectura adicional, intenta leer y resumir como forma de ejercicio y sólo puede alcanzar un nivel de calidad en tu síntesis y resúmenes al siempre se pone en práctica dicha actividad. Así, será más condensado y mejor. Anota cuánto lo desees, lee una, dos, tres veces hasta que entiendas el mensaje transmitido por el texto, de todos modos, respeta su tiempo

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Service Partner ERPs

Muchas empresa de alto nivel en todo el mundo utilizan SAP que es una empresa que provee soluciones de muy alto nivel para la parte operativa de una empresa. SAP tiene sistemas de ERP que se conectan con todos los sistemas de tu negocio desde los puntos de ventas por lo que . Los mejores profesionales que pueden aportarte las soluciones de SAP no lo encuentras en cualquier lugar sino que son expertos que se certifican para ofrecer soluciones de tecnología de punta para tu empresa bajo la firma de SAP. Si buscas un profesional certificado en tu ciudad o tu mismo y tu empresa de tecnología quieren certificarse para convertirse en SAP Service Partner, es algo que usted puede hacer a través de los entrenamientos y facilidades que ofrece SAP como empresa de calidad mundial. Hay muchos aspectos que tu debes de considerar tanto para ser un SAP Service Partner como para conseguir a alguien que se haya certificado para que trabaje para tu corporación.

El primer aspecto que uno debe de evaluar muy seriamente es el hecho de que un SAP Service Partner debe seguir al pie de la letra todas las políticas que exige la empresa. No se trata únicamente de ser un profesional certificado sino que debemos de tener una plataforma empresarial que te permita representar la marca SAP de manera apropiada. Cuando vas a venderle un ERP a un cliente y vas a realizar la implementación, es muy importante que puedas tener todo lo que se necesita y todo lo que exige la marca para que puedas dar un servicio de primera. La gente de SAP no te certificarán ni te darán la licencia hasta que estos no comprueben que eres una compañía especializada y que tienes la capacidad para operar de esta manera.

Si buscas información adicional sobre lo que necesitas, en el portal de SAP tienes todos los requerimientos y todo lo que se necesita para que puedas lograr que esto sea posible.